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Sloppy Tulips & Pinterest

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Sloppy tulips & Pinterest
Did you know that the average visit to Pinterest lasts 1 hour and 17 minutes? Impressive!
I love Pinterest…my studio is filled with “boards”: there is a “to do” board, a “perfect studio” board, a “school stuff” board, a general “inspiration” board…I go thru a lot of tearing and push pins to get myself inspired. Of course there is also the “heart” board that is on the front of my fridge… which is one of the reasons I designed a line of magnets ( can’t lose any of those sentiments to the daily opening and closing of the fridge)…it is so full it requires Superman strength magnets to hold the layers of fanned out papers.
So, Pinterest seemed like a great way to get even more inspiration and organize my creative dreams. The only hitch is, I don’t always have the time.
Recently back from a trip to Pike Place Market, I decided there is nothing better than when the tulips first arrive. We need reminders of spring in the Pacific Northwest…our winters are long and grey and wet. When the tulips arrive, in massive displays at the market, it is cause for hope and celebration. My first thought was to go to Pinterest and find some great tulip shots. But days were slipping by and no time to search. I then woke up to the fact that I had the greatest bunch of now sloppy tulips I could wish for….and to boot, I have a blog (as good as any “board” cyber or cork). Its not that I don’t love to scan the hidden treasure of the cyber world, I just want to make sure I don’t lose track of the things that bring me joy in my actual life.
So here are some of my current favorite things…not from websites, but from my daily life and work.
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