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Discovering a passion….how Full Circle Studio came to be

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

A little background on how I discovered my “passion” for collage and decoupage.

Discovering a passion…. how Full Circle Studio came to be

See…good things can happen anywhere…anytime.

“….there’s a bird on it”

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

You ever notice how quiet book stores are?

I mean compared to say, Target.

Why is that?

Well there I was at one of my favorite places on the planet, Island Books on Mercer Island, browsing cards ( after selecting my monthly book treat!) and I started reading cards by my new favorite human, Erin Smith. I AM a grown up, I do know how to stifle a laugh…but I can’t with her cards. I burst out laughing so loud I disrupted all those quiet browsers in the New Fiction section. I mean, snorting, tears running down my cheeks laughing…it was great. I finally just had to buy a bunch and rush them home so I could go full out silly without bothering anyone.

Here is one of my favorites…:


I thought, this woman is looking in to my studio and reading my mind…if not my work. Hey, I put ” a bird on it” all the time. I think the world is a gentler place with a bird on it…art or not.

Two of my contributions to the “put a bird on it” movement…enjoy!

Bantock Bird

Teal bird with eggs

Please visit Erin Smith’s website to find a store near you….a good sloppy laugh is food for the soul.