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A moment of joy…

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

This video made me smile and renewed my spirit…I hope it does the same for you. It takes a few minutes, be patient, take a breath and delight!

Beethoven in Som Sabadell

Wishing you a year of magic!


Holiday MoJo

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Being an NPR Junkie, I can lose any and all hope of holiday cheer after about an hour of obsessive listening to their never ending list of experts on the Fiscal Cliff. I want to be informed…I do…but sometimes, you just have to turn it all off, plug in the Pandora Holiday and go in the attic and pull down every holiday ornament you own….and put on some holiday mojo. Usually, I like to work the holiday spirit from the inside out…this year, I worked it from the outside in.

First, the paperwhites started blooming so I need to prop them up with my good old paint brush and raffia combination:

Paperwhites in the Kitchen window

Next comes the Christmas Trees…one for the studio and one for the living room:

Studio JOY

Christmas Angel

Wreath on Front door…

Music wreath with red cardinal

And once again, the studio nest is festive!