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What is it about Cats?

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

I have long thought the world divided into Cat people and Dog people…not an enlightened view, I know, but mine none the less.

And I should note, that I have always considered myself on the side of the Dog.

That said, after 14 years of doing designs for home decor items… like switchplates…I am continually amazed at the requests and orders I receive for CAT images.

I have long deferred on anything “cat” to the fabulous and fabled Steinlen.

Steinlen was the French Art Nouveau painter who lived in Paris during the Belle Epoque. Art critics wax poetic on Steinlen’s devotion to the cat in his art and consider his “Tournee du Chat Noir” ( seen above in decoupage switchplate form) as “one of the most arresting images of the Belle Epoque”.

My customers loved this image so much that I decided to include a few other Steinlen images over the years…each one finding it’s way in to happy homes all across the country .

My latest Steinlen addition, Clinique Cheron, has gone in to just about every order shipped since I posted it in October.

For as long as there are Cat lovers, we will offer these exceptional renderings to delight our customers.