The Goddess Network

A few weeks ago, I was gifted with a call from Deb D’Onfrio ( a truly splendid artist). Deb and I have never met but she knew of FCS thru a store we sell to back East. Deb started to talk to me about her own art and how she was working to expand her art to a wider audience. We talked about all those initial fears of taking what you love to create and turning it into a business, the lack of confidence, trade shows, websites, the joy of creating something you love and having people buy it…we covered a lot of ground. While I am no expert on any of this, what I really wanted Deb to know is how important it is to keep people around you that support your dreams…in other words, The Goddess Network.

Created by Deb d'Onofrio

Created by Deb d'Onfrio

I use this phrase frequently and people often think I say it to be amusing….not true! The Goddess Network is my title for all the wonderful people who support me on a daily basis to maintain my joy and sanity. It is my circle of inspiration, guidance, information, comfort and encouragement. Now, it is important to note that my Goddess Network, while comprised primarily of extraordinary women who live every day from their heart to bring their personal style, grace and creativity to the world, has a founding Goddess who is a man. Ted Kennedy Watson to be precise. Ted waved his creative magic wand over me ten years ago and was the guiding hand that turned my odd little product of decoupage switchplates into a business. There I was with a basket of home- made stuff, shaking in my clogs in his showroom at The Seattle Design Center to see what he had to say about my wares. Ted gave me advice, assurance, confidence and a task list that enabled me to organize my basket of “stuff” into a wholesale line that stores would want to buy from. That confidence took me from thinking I was ridiculous to celebrating 10 years in business doing what I love.

The Goddess Network has grown over the years to include a bevy of talented, caring, fear-busting Goddesses ( male and female). I cannot imagine where I would be on this journey if it were not for the patience and encouragement of my GN. Sometimes it is a big glass of wine to soothe the soul after a day of shipping glitches and software problems or Ashley letting me the know that the De Walt power drill is the best for opening up crates on the road ( this after designing the most beautiful trade show booth for me!) or Shelley arriving to photograph the new towels when all I could come up with was mush or Gooch taking all my meandering thoughts on a website or catalogue and putting them together with beautiful design and function or Dr. Burtt creating the perfect towel stand overnight or Mrs. Blandings latest laugh-out-loud email installment on creating her dream house or Mary Margaret working thru yet another product discussion with me or Kristen who has my PR back or Isabelle who keeps my spirit in tact or Jill the cyber guru or ever compassionate Lulu or Be Merry Hilary or Baba’s generosity with her garden and her treasures…..the list goes on! I am so grateful for all of you!

If you already have a Goddess Network nurture it. If you don’t have a Goddess Network, create one. The journey is so much richer.

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Inspired by The Network!

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