I was hunting thru my closet this morning and found a pair of high heels….one of my favorite souvenirs of a life lived many years ago in New York City. I dusted them off and tried to put them on…and of course, they don’t fit…I am not that person anymore.

I have had the great good fortune for almost 14 years of doing what I love, every day, from the comfort of my home/studio, pups at my feet, with Full Circle Studio. So those high heels have been replaced with my favorite sheena fur clogs, all those clothes with waistbands and zippers have been given away to make room for comfy clothes that don’t show acrylic medium stains and my morning commute is a matter of steps into my once living room which is now my studio. I am a lucky lady!

Most importantly, I would not be this lucky if it were not for the hundreds of loyal, wonderful, supportive, funny, committed customers that make Full Circle Studio thrive year and after year. To each and every one of you, I give my heartfelt thanks.

Wishing you and your families a most glorious Thanksgiving.

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