Creative Vacation

Everyone needs a creative vacation….and I don’t mean hopping a plane to wander around the Louvre…although that is always a fabu option. I am talking about doing something that gets you out of your daily routine ( hopefully not a rut!).

People often think that having your own design business means that I am always in the studio collage-ing away every day…oh how I wish that were true! Like everyone else, I get muddled down in the business of life and I need a “creative vacation”. A creative vacation for me means an art workshop…just a few hours learning something new and exploring a different artistic venue. Fortunately, I live in Portland and we have Collage where you can while away a glorious afternoon learning anything from encaustic to the wonders of washi tape.

My last adventure was given by Courtney Cerruti on transfer techniques…it was a total joy! Her current passion is mail, so she taught us a few great and easy techniques for transfers using packing tape and blender pens…all to incorporate into note cards and envelopes. Nothing warms my heart more than crafting around a big table with a gathering of cool artists making “stuff”….the worries of the world fade away and it is time to play.

Just for fun…

Imaginary Mail

Hand Game Postcard

Feeling better already:)

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